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{ The NeoGraft Procedure }

The Procedure

FUE (Follicular-Unit Extraction) is an extremely effective method of hair restoration, though it is not without its faults.  Each follicle needs to be manually extracted and inserted into the transplant area with an instrument similar to tweezers.  This can easily damage the follicles, so the success of the procedure is entirely dependant on the skill of the surgeon and can take several hours.

But now, thanks to NeoGraft, there is a faster, more effective technique for FUE.  With the revolutionary NeoGraft Automated Hair Restoration Machine, the FUE process is not only faster, but it becomes a ‘No Touch’ procedure.  Using gentle pneumatic pressure to both extract and insert the follicles individually, the NeoGraft technique greatly reduces the risk of any potential surgeon error while increasing the integrity and the overall final look of each transplant.  The automated process also allows for better patient comfort, less strain on the surgeon, a much faster healing process and greatly reduced cost, as the NeoGraft technique reduces the typical duration of the surgery (usually around 6-8 hours) by more than 50%.

The patient is given a local anesthesia during the procedure, and will remain fully awake.  To help make the process as comfortable as possible we provide amenities such as TV to help keep your mind at ease.  Should you feel you need to take a break, simply tell the doctor and they will be happy to give you the time that you need.

Following the procedure, we will provide you with medicine and special medicinal shampoo as well as post-operative instructions.  After that, you are on your way home!  Most patients are able to resume normal activity by the following day, including showering!

After a few weeks have passed, the transplanted hair will fall out, leaving behind the bulbs of the follicles.  From these bulbs new hair will begin to grow almost immediately, showing significant growth within the first 3 months.  By month 9, the transplant should result in the full, lush new hair.

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