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Your hair restoration journey begins here! Introducing the safest, most-effective, and least invasive hair restoration procedure of its kind: the NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatment. Toronto hair loss patients now have  a guaranteed, successful option to restore their natural hair, with no downtime and no linear scarring.

SpaMedica has been one of the first hair restoration centres in Canada to start using the NeoGraft system and thus has the most experience and expertise of any Canadian NeoGraft practitioner. With over 1 million of grafts placed, SpaMedica consistently delivers fantastic, natural-looking,  hair restoration results without any scarring or downtime. World renowned cosmetic surgeon and owner of SpaMedica, Dr. Stephen Mulolland, helped pioneer the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure in Canada, making several appearances on Canadian national TV, demonstrating the procedure and educating viewers about NeoGraft.

NeoGraft utilizes the FUE (follicular-unit extraction) approach to hair transplantation, harvesting the hair from the donor area by removing each follicular unit, one at a time, with a small punch. The FUE hair transplant method makes for faster healing, minimal scarring and downtime, compared to the traditional strip grafting, where a strip of scalp is removed from a donor site and transplanted in an area on the head where hair loss is most pronounced, causing significant scarring and pain.

By automating the effective FUE  hair transplant procedure, NeoGraft uses a “No Touch” process in which the machine uses gentle pressure to remove and transplant hair from the donor site directly. The result is a full head of your own hair, with no linear scars, minimal downtime and completely natural results.

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